About Us: Who are we? We are NOT Accountants!

So heres a little about us, A&B Tax Consultants are a boutique tax consultancy firm with a rather personal approach to businesses. We are Chartered Tax Advisors by qualification and have been living in the tax world for the last 6 years. 6 years? Not a long time you’re thinking? Maybe that is true, but we believe experience comes not only with years but more importantly with exposure. We agree that 20 years in tax is a strong selling point, but would you still value the 20 years if it meant your advisor had never seen anything beyond a tax return? Believe it or not that really does happen.

A&B offers a young, fresh and dynamic approach to dealing with your tax affairs. As cheesy as it sounds, ‘we love tax’ we really do! Why? Because tax often scares most people, but in-fact if you have the right people on hand, tax planning is the key to keeping your hard earned cash in your own pocket.

Yes all tax advisors like to emphasise how pro-active they are and how important it is to ‘know the client’. But to be proactive you need to know who you are dealing with, this means getting to know the individual behind the paperwork. For this reason we strongly believe in maintaining long lasting relationships with our clients so that they feel comfortable enough to give us sufficient information to enable us to recognise any planning opportunities which will help them achieve their current and future needs and intentions. Don’t be a number in someone else’s book.



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